What is COHOPE?

COHOPE is a coalition of homeowners groups and individuals formed in the early 1980’s as a forum to distribute information to it’s members, help foster communication between government, developers, and Home Owner Associations and individuals. At the time the founders felt that homeowners were being left out of the loop between developers and government, and felt a union of HOA’s and concerned individuals  could address issues and inform both sides.   Membership usually consists of 10 to 20 homeowners groups of varying sizes, along with 10 or so individuals from unrepresented areas. Currently 6360 homes are represented. Dues of $40 per year are used to distribute newsletters, put on candidate forums and fund various events.

COHOPE is an organization of members. Members bring up issues or concerns at monthly meetings. Speakers from various county, state, and other organizations are invited to inform the membership on issues or answer questions